Ceramic Coating Process Cost Broken Down


Hey everyone it’s 2020 Auto Spa with another breakdown of what it takes to complete a ceramic coating, what you should expect, and what cost you should be looking for! So let’s dive in and thanks for checking out another one of our blogs as we tap into the 20/20 Vision!

So here it is, you’ve come to our website because you’ve seen or heard about this amazing ceramic coating and the work we do. You see the pictures of the beautiful vehicles and now you’re all ready for your vehicle to look just like that correct? Well maybe so let’s break down what happened to this car to make it look this way first!

So by the way the vehicle featured is a Porsche Cayenne and it received our Level 3 Ceramic Coating let’s start there!

So to begin the process we began with a decontamination wash, what is this?

This is the part where we do the deep cleaning of the “exfoliating” of your vehicle paint getting embedded in grime and surface contaminants. We have a full in-depth guide on what the decontamination wash is so please check that blog out as we want to continue in storytime on ceramic coatings and the process!

Once we complete the decontamination process we, of course, begin our prep phase drying the car making sure the vehicle is taped up so when we begin the amazing process of paint correction we don’t have to stop! Don’t worry when you’re like what is paint correction and what are all these things I just want a ceramic coating so my car is shiny like the one above well these all play a part in that process.

Often we don’t realize our vehicle looks like the “Before” image we see here; we just want it to be shiny and protected.

So we knock out this amazing paint correction process and now it looks like the “after” process is awesome right? Are we at the ceramic coating part yet? Just about hold on for us!

So we’ve completed this correction and now we do the final prep strip of any oils and everything down to make sure the ceramic coating has a perfect bond, why is this important? Well, we don’t want your ceramic coating to fail prematurely which is why we have to do the steps above!

Wait how long did all that take up to 2 days sometimes it is very vehicle-dependent but this isn’t to be taken lightly there’s a lot of work that goes into this. So we FINALLY ARE HERE THE MOMENT YOU WANTED FROM THE START!

It’s time to ceramic coat so we lay the amazing excellence down which enhances the look of your already shiny vehicle and makes it even better. This process has to be very precise and should be done by someone who is trained to do it.

Now a process like this can range anywhere from $500-3000 dollars depending on all the bells and whistles you want to add, WOW holy crap I just wanted my car to be shiny that’s what everyone thinks but it’s the process listed above that makes it that way but hey it’s like building a home right everyone loves the finished results but they forget how it got that way keep that in mind when looking for your ceramic coating and ensure you’re getting a quality service done!

Don’t forget as always to tap into our next blog and please check out our decontamination wash blog and the paint correction to have a full circle understanding!