Tesla Ceramic Coating in Killeen, Harker Heights, and Copperas Cove Texas


Tesla cars are not only eco-friendly but they also look good. Tesla cars have a sleek design and futuristic feel to them. The downside of owning a Tesla car is that it requires a lot of maintenance. The paint of the car wears off easily, which means that the car needs to get repainted every few years.

This is where Tesla ceramic coating comes in – it provides protection from scratches and other damages, making the paint last much longer than usual. It also reduces the need for regular washing and waxing of the car, which saves time and money in the long run.

Ceramic coating for Tesla cars is a process that involves applying a ceramic-based product to the exterior of the car which will make it more scratch-resistant and durable. This ceramic coating will also provide protection against harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, ice, etc.

Although there are other options available, one main benefit of this product is that it can last longer than traditional paint jobs. The service also includes a warranty for years down the road, which is very significant when making such an investment in your car’s protection and durability.

At 2020 Auto Spa in Killeen TX, our main goal is to restore your vehicle back to its brand new condition and help you maintain that condition. We can protect every single component of your vehicle from the rubber to the plastics, and everything in between including the paint surface, the interior, and the window glass. We offer auto detailing, paint ceramic coating, and clear bra. With years of experience, we can deliver a top-quality service. Ceramic coating in Killeen TX is one of the most needed services for your car as we are dealing with extreme heat. Our coating protects your exterior surfaces and reduces maintenance and wash time, our clear bra protects from scratches and dings, our tint preserves and protects from the sun, and our detailing protects your esteem from a bad first impression.


We all know the only way to prolong the life of your car is to keep up with regular maintenance. Getting regular oil changes and repairs is crucial to the longevity of a vehicle. What we don’t always consider is protecting the cosmetic look of our tesla vehicle, specifically the paint. Car paint is exposed to plenty of environmental elements and is always at risk for scratches every time we leave it in a parking lot. Dirt, rock chips, road salt, tree sap, insect acids, and bird droppings are impossible to avoid. No matter how careful we are these damages can still happen, the only way to avoid them is to have proper protection on the car.

Ceramic paint coating and clear bra film are a few of the options we provide to protect your paint. We offer a variety of paint protection packages for different budgets and surfaces. If you are not sure about paint protection, we have entry-level packages for you to experience it. If you really love your car, we have a package with a lifetime warranty. We are fully confident in the products we use and stand behind the work we do. Experience the difference between our service and customer service.